Public Speaking, Training and Education is something that I consider one of my very best strengths.

And so do others. ūüôā

I’ve done extensive work as a Natural Products Trainer, educator, and event specialist in my work with several well known companies, for almost all of the top accounts in the Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and San Bernadino Stores. ¬†Staff members are very¬†familiar¬†with me, my personality, and I have worked very hard to help develop long lasting relationships with the staff members at a vast wide variety of store chains throughout the West Coast.

Training and Education is imperative for the Success of a product line at the store level. I have seen countless amazing product lines needless lose sales and suffer because there was no one to help bridge the gap between the great energy of their formulators, and the staff of the health food stores their products were placed in.

As a Clinical Nutritionist, and experienced Natural Products Representative, people know that I know my stuff.

Help me help you to make all the hard work you put into making an awesome product line really pay off.

I’m here to help.


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