Sometimes in the Natural marketplace, often without meaning to and simply due to sheer volume alone, larger brokerages can often lose your company and company goals in the sea of sku’s and products that they try to manage. Unfortunately, this can mean a lack of frequency in visits to stores on your behalf, lack of conversation, support, the leaving of unnecessary gaps on the shelf, lost sales, lost sales opportunity, and a general lack of connection and urgency with buyers, staff, and regional contacts that are needed to keep your company on the forefront of their minds and thoughts to help you grow, expand, and be well received by customers and staff alike.

I intentionally only work with a modest amount of exceptional companies at one time, specifically to always give you the highest quality and level of attention possible. Getting lost in the shuffle is something that absolutely cannot happen when you choose to operate in this fashion, and it is always effective.

In my over 11 years of industry interactions, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the best companies around.  I specialize in companies that are Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten Free, very pure and environmentally conscious.

I have an incredibly diverse level of experience in both private practitioner  lines, and publicly sold Vitamins, Raw Foods, Bodycare, and Grocery product lines.

All of the stores I work with know this about me, and before I ever even say a word, they know that whatever I’m bringing to the table is always really good. For the companies I work with, this can help tremendously in many ways.

In an industry of relationships, when people know that you know your stuff, it can make small challenges virtually disappear.

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