Here’s what some people say about my services…. 

Doug Ingoldsby
Founder, ALL ONE/Nutritech

Jeffrey Von Stetten has an unmatched enthusiasm for all things good, nutritious and healthy. He is a bright light that connects with people instantaneously. 
I first met Jeffery when we were developing a nationwide network of reps/field demonstrators to educate health food store clientele about our unique nutritional supplement. 
His ‘on the ground’ results were unmatched. His clear, and concise, communication back to us was invaluable … stellar. 
Many times I recall saying to our executive team: “Why can’t we get a hundred more Jeffrey Von Stetten’s out there?” 
If you have to have a product with integrity and he takes you on, pin your ears back … this man MOVES product.

Matt H., Sprouts Laguna Niguel:

Jeff totally rocked it for our staff. Very great energy and very well informed, he is welcome here any time “

Christine, Sprouts Laguna Niguel:

I feel like I understand the products more now and appreciate all the work people put into things”

JS, Whole Food Laguna Niguel:

I appreciate all the information that Jeff covered, he did a great job.

Michelle, Whole Foods Laguna Niguel:

Jeffrey did a wonderful job and we appreciate his efforts to help our staff understand the products better, he is always welcome here”

Nancy T., Mother’s Costa Mesa:

” Wow. Excellent training”

Kelly K., Mother’s Costa Mesa:

“Thank you so much for all of your information. We love Jeff!”

Jay, Mother’s Costa Mesa:

“Excellent training, thank you”

Casey, Mother’s Costa Mesa: “That was great! Jeff did a really good job”

Andrew, Mother’s Costa Mesa:

” Thank you for your time! This was a really good training. We appreciate all the energy Jeff brings to the store!”

Natalie, Whole Foods Laguna Beach:

” That was awesome thank you so much”

Marilyn W., Sprouts Fullerton:

” Took us to a higher level of training, a much needed great training”

Lisayra O., ” Sprouts Fullerton:

“Thank you! Great Presentation!”

Nancy, Sprouts Mission Viejo:

“I love Jeff! The Best next to Dr. Oz!”

Carol, Sprouts Mission Viejo:

“Jeff’s training will benefit our department, and more sales”

Angela, Sprouts Mission Viejo:

“I love Jeff! We want him back soon!”

Marisa, Mother’s Laguna Woods:

“Rad Training! Informative!”

Nicre, Mother’s Laguna Woods:


Gregory J., Mother’s Laguna Woods :

“Nice Job on  Jeff’s part! Good Knowledge!”

David K., Mother’s Laguna Woods:

“Excellent Training”

Jolynn, Sprouts Irvine:

“Amazing Information!!!”

Rebecca, Sprouts Irvine:

“Thank You! Great Info!”

Ian B., Sprouts Huntington Beach:

“Great Presentation!”

Mike L., Sprouts Huntington Beach:

“Great Info!”

Brendan, Whole Foods Huntington Beach:

“Excellent training, that really was alot of information! thank you!”

Corey, Whole Foods Huntington Beach:

“Incredible info, thank you!”

Rosa, Lisa, Danielle, Whole Foods Long Beach:

“Great training Jeff! Thank you”

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